Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lucy: Month Eight

Dear Lucy,

Eight. 8. E-I-G-H-T. Who are you? Surely not my baby. You are quite the big girl these days. First off, you chat chat chat. Ma-ma, no-no, da-da and something that sounds like hello comes out of your little bow of a mouth. Who knows if you have any idea what you are saying, but it sure is adorable!

You've started overlapping with your brother, which has not escaped his notice. You now use the same cups and spoons as he does, and he does. Not. Like. That. Some toys that have slipped out of his radar have become yours, and all of a sudden he loves them more than air.

How is it that this the first time we bathed you in the sink? We are terrible parents. Never mind the face that I almost let you roll off the counter while preparing you for this sink soak. You cried for a minute, but forgot all your troubles as soon as you saw the bubbles.

Mmmmmmm, breakfast! Nom nom nom!

You can't tell from this angle, but your daddy is the one making you smile like that. You love him so much, you light up as soon as he looks your way. Your big brother has a similar effect on you.

Warm weather means more dresses! And icy cold drinks of water. The other day you actually gnawed on an ice cube for a little while and you were in heaven. I just can't believe no teeth have cropped up yet.

Did I mention that the Force is strong with this one? Two seconds after I snapped this photo that basket ball exploded.

You are my dearest darling girl. Now and forever baby lady.


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super des said...

She is so adorable! And so happy!

Arizaphale said...

She is a DOLL. And don't worry about the teeth. The BA didn't get her first til she was almost 1!!! The longer in the gums the stronger they are. Apparently.