Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ladies Choice

Today I went to my first Women's Club meeting (more on that tomorrow, but as a teaser: we said the Pledge of Allegiance!) and when I got home I picked up the mail. Along with the usual journals and junk (which will soon be gone!) (also, hooray for parentheses!) was a catalog from a men's store called Under Gear. (Warning! that link may not be suitable for work.) (Warning! I love parentheses!) Now there were not one, not two, but three men living here before us, and while I don't dare make assumptions about people I never met, I think this catalog is very telling.

Here are some of the selections I found quite fetching.

GIGO stripped tank

Animal Print Gym Shorts

Joe Snyder Enhancement Thong - Um, you can totally see this guy's penis head through the yellow thong. Check it out. Or don't. Yeah, maybe you shoudn't

Greg Homme New Push-Up Thong - Seriously. What are you pushing up? The balls? That sounds painful.

Undergear Big Rib Bodysuit

And finally, the Gauze Overall - Not a joke.

Perhaps I should order these for SOB. Whadda ya think?

P.S. I am evil and put the email address of every single man I know on their mailing list. Hee!

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super des said...

ha ha ha ha! Those made me laugh and laugh, while BF next to me just shook his head.

He did say that I read way more entertaining blogs than he does, and I was like duh.

Stacy said...

LOL! Oh, I would so LOVE to send something like that to a certain few homophobic cowboys that I know. They might hunt me down for that, though. ;)

Arizaphale said...

Somebody actually sits around thinking of designs for these!!!!
Padded jocks for f*ck's sake!!!!
and the all in one!!!!!!

Thank you. I feel much better.