Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Yes Man

Sam has long mastered the art of answering with a negative, but his affirmative response took a little longer to come around. For the longest time he would speak the word 'no' while nodding his head. Then finally we got a 'uh-huh' and a 'tay' which is short for 'O-Tay'. This last one blew my mind because he has no problem with 'K' sounds, as 'kucky' is one of his favorites.

Finally over the weekend he discovered the word 'Yes'. Actually it's more of a 'Yeah' but the meaning is the same. Now it's all he says in response to any question.

Sam, would you like some lunch? Yeah.

Sam, would you like to go to the Y? Yeah.

Sam, do you know how to unlock the secrets of the universe? Yeah.

It's been tons of fun.

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1 comment:

HeatherK said...

Sweet Sam! What a great word! The little girl I used to sit for went through a big "oookay" phase and it was lovely! (while it lasted)