Thursday, June 05, 2008

Creature Comfort

Just now as I put Lucy down for a nap she fell asleep in my arms. This doesn't happen much anymore, but fresh from swim class on a day that she decided to wake at 6:30 she was spent. As I nursed her I felt the weight of her body, barely a baby's anymore, curled up in my lap. She's three times bigger than she was just nine and a half months ago. Her legs are thick and strong enough to support her serious heft. She exerts skillful control over her hands as she caressed my soft belly before drifting off.

So different from the frail, helpless being she was just a few days and nights ago.

Once she started snoring softly I could have easily moved her to the crib and went about my business, but instead I stayed still. I shifted her a little, and she nuzzled her head snugly into the crook of my arm, sighing as she settled. I could feel her warm breath moving my hairs. And there we sat, mother cradling her baby girl, for as long as we could.

When I finally laid her down I felt so full I could have cried.


See more time photos at The Land of K.A.

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Stacy said...

That is so sweet, and I love those shots of her. I remember those days. You really need to cherish them, when they fit so easily in your lap and snuggle so well.

HeatherK said...

My post for tomorrow is in a similar vein. She is pure sugar.

High Heeled Mama said...

OH, I miss those days. My snuggler is now more of a squeeze and go guy now.

She's a precious little cupcake! Oh my! I could just eat her up.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful - beautiful! Your words as well as your beautiful little girl!

Andi said...

Your post made me sweet and tender. What an angel she is. I am so glad that you savored that moment to complete fullness! Those times disappear far too quickly, and it is impossible to realize while it is happening just how fast time goes by. My heart aches with this reality...Lovely post!

Maggie said...

Oh she is adorable!

Nicki said...

This totally made me cry. You captured so well in words (and pictures!) those first cherished months. Enjoy every last minute!

Amy Jo said...

It's funny to me how certain words evoke certain emotions. I honestly just sat down and typed these letters in sequence as though they were written in my heart somewhere. It's nice to know that sometimes others appreciate them as well!

Thanks friends!