Friday, July 18, 2008

The First Annual Bitter About BlogHer Photo Caption Contest!

Arizaphale pointed out the other day that this photo is dying for a caption. Since I'm not going to BlogHer (which I'm totally not happy about), I've decided to sweeten things up for the others out there in similar, bitter positions. So sometime between now and Sunday at 11:59pm come up with a caption for this ridiculous portrait of my grandfather.

Why? Well, for the hilarity factor, for starters. To stave off death from boredom. Something to do instead of cleaning. To help exercise your cerebral cortex?

Oh, and there is a prize, too. I will be judging your entries based upon how close I come to snorting when I laugh. Whichever entry comes the closest (without going over, of course) will win...something. I don't mean to be vague, but I'm going to try to tailor the prize to the winner's taste, if possible. The prize will be in the value range of $25. Plus there will probably be something extra thrown in from Sam. And possible Lucy., but you know how temperamental those punk types can be.

Get your thinking caps on!

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Mrs. Chicken said...

I'm too busy laughing to think!

super des said...


"Aieeee think I found the fork you dropped!"

Arizaphale said...

Errrr I think she wins :-D

super des said...

Aw, I only won cuz no one else entered.