Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lucy: Month Eleven

Hi Lucy!

Just so you know, I'm totally pretending that this monthly birthday didn't happen. If you don't pass the 11 month mark then you can never hit the 12 month mark. Because seriously, where did my baby go? You are a giant, delicious almost-kid.

So much as happened this month, developmentally. While you actually began crawling and cruising at the tail end of last month, you have sharpened these skills to a fine point, all while adding some new ones, in the past few weeks. Now you can pull yourself up to standing, walk on your knees and crawl at the speed of light.

Playing with other kids has become a new favorite pastime of yours. You simply can't get enough of your brother. Your mommy's cousin Jake loves babies, and since we spent, oh, most of the last month in the Pittsburgh area you got to spend some quality time with him.

You went on your first trip to an amusement park this week. Although you napped for about half the time we were there, you had a blast. You rode the Merry Go Round and Mr. Roger's Trolley. Plus your Nunni gave you your first taste of ice cream. You didn't like it much. Well, you didn't like the cold. You would mash your face into the cone, cry for a minute, and then lick it off once it was warmed up. A bit on the messy side, but fun none the less!

You are truly, madly in love with your Pap-pap. He might be the only other person besides me you will go to in moments of despair. Not even your daddy.

Speaking of daddy, guess what your favorite word is? 'Dada'. Followed by close second 'Hi'. And 'Mwah', which you exclaim right after you give someone a big, open-mouthed kiss. That never. Gets. Old. As soon as you see someone pucker their lips, you lean towards them with your pink baby lips parted wide, drool running down your chin. It's irresistible. The only trouble is that you won't kiss the person who is holding you, so I rarely get smooches.

Baby girl, I can't, I won't believe you are almost one. Let's just take a little break and hang out here a little longer, ok? Just you and me.

Love, Mama

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Christina said...

I just can't handle how completely adorable little Lucy is .... congrats to all of you!

Arizaphale said...

What a lovely selection of shots. Has that time gone by already? That means it must have gone by for me too!!! I must have blinked.
Love the idea of the 'mwah' with drool. mmmmmmm