Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just One Of Those Days

Yesterday a man informed us that we need a new oil tank. Then he blocked SOB's car in the garage so he had to take mine when he went to work, stranding me in the house for the remainder of the day. Just after SOB left but before the bearer of bad furnace news left the toilet in the hall backed up, which isn't a new story. Except that this time it backed up into the shower. Totally gross. A little while later, as Sam played and I fed Lucy dinner, Sam pooped in his new underpants. He gets that he's not supposed to pee in them, but I guess he didn't understand about pooping. Being 2.5, when he suspected that there was poop in his pants he jammed his hands down the back of his underpants. You know, just to make sure. As I chatted away with my far away friend and fed Lucy a half a dozen ravioli Sam came to greet me with his poop hands. Once I got the kids in bed I realized that there was nothing for a grown-up to eat, so I had a healthy and nutritious dinner of hot dogs and ice cream. I had an awful nightmare which woke me at 2 in the morning. By the time I fell asleep again around 3:30 some powerful storms started moving through the area. The power went off and on again four times between 5 and 6. Sam got up at 6:20 and then I got my period.

The end. I truly, truly hope.

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Ugh. Hopefully the rest of the long weekend / SOB's time off will more than make up for such a crappy start!