Monday, August 18, 2008


We returned yesterday from our third trip to Pittsburgh in less than two months. Since June I have spent almost an entire month out in western Pennsyltucky

I. Am. So. Done.

This trip was a manic mix of fun and, well, not fun. Lucy woke up on Friday with a fever and diarrhea. Sam skipped his nap the same day. However, we trucked them off to Kennywood maladies be damned.

That wasn't a good idea.

Even though he rode anything and everything a few weeks ago at a park owned and operated by the same company, he refused to ride a thing that we couldn't ride with him. Actually, he begged to ride anything and everything, so we would stand in line with him but as soon as it was his turn he would freak the eff out. We tried four times to ride the stupid motor bikes that he was enamored with, but each time he ran away crying. We did manage to get him on the train, a trolley and the merry-go-round, with parental accompaniment of course. Lucy just lolled in her stroller feverishly. Luckily my parents came and picked them up after a few hours and those of us who are taller than 42 inches stayed and rode the roller coasters. 

The birthday party was lovely and everyone aside from Lucy had a great time. She screamed for the first half an hour so we put her down for a nap. After her rest she continued her symphony of wailing unless she was in my arms. And even then she would start crying intermittently. And that was after she got babies first purse

But we had a nice evening on Thursday visiting friends with a new house and a new baby, which got my ovaries humming quite loudly. We also had a nice evening on Saturday with my sister-in-law and her husband. And somehow the kids were awesome on both car rides. 

So now I just had to dig out from the piles of presents and laundry, buy about a thousand dollars worth of groceries and get ready for her actually birthday and the party we're having this weekend.

Good god help me!

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Arizaphale said...

OK good. It wasn't just my eyes then, me thinking she was screaming the house down in the birthday shot? I mean it could have just been a really big smile but...