Tuesday, September 02, 2008


"Ok listen. I'll kill the maggots and clean the garbage can if you pick up the dead mouse on the front porch."


This is what 12 years under our (respectively larger) belts has gotten us. 

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The Swiss Miss said...

I hope you picked the mouse? I can't do maggots. Even if they are in the garbage can. Ewww.

Arizaphale said...

Yup. I do everything which requires climbing ladders and he does everything involving large hunstman spiders. Fairs fair; but who did do the maggots?

Anonymous said...

Amy, has it really been 12 years?! My god...okay, honey. As far as maggots goes, what 4 years with Paul has gotten me is that neither one of us are strong enough to do maggots.

I hope, though, that you didn't get stuck with 'em.

Aunt Nee

PS...thank you for the videos and pics of lil' Lucy. Her party pics were priceless. And as for the walking...again, my God! I can't believe that little stinker!