Thursday, September 18, 2008

Peer Pressure and How I Learned to Hate the Backpack

After Sam's open house last week SOB and I had some serious talks about Sam's television viewing habits. It seems as though we are the only freaks in the world (or at least our county) who don't let their kids watch much TV. So after finding out that Spanish lessons school provides only occur on days when he isn't there, we decided to give Dora a try. 

That and I'm pretty sure his Aunt Allison was letting him watch it anyway. Mainly because he told me several times 'My-a watch Dooooooora with Yanni!' At least she confessed. 

(In addition to Dora, I'll cop to letting him watch Evil Train Show Thomas the Tank Engine twice. He just gets so excited when he sees that stupid train on the television, it kills me. In a bad way. He looks happier when he sees that damn locomotive than he does when his father comes home.) 

But back to Dora. And her monkey friend and mother effing backpack. I missed the first five hundred seasons, so maybe someone out there can catch me up on all the important plot points. How does all that shit fit into that tiny pack? And how is a little girl supposed to carry all of that? And where are we going? Wait, I know the answer to that one: Big Tower! Where are we going? Big Tower! Where are we going? Big Tower! Where are we going? Big Tower! Where are we going? Big Tower!

Can you guess where Dora and Boots were headed in the episode we watched? 

I'm just trying to keep una mente abierta.

Holy crap!

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Lora said...

if it makes you feel better (worse? any sort of way?) the only reason I let Jake watch some TV is because of all the problems my aunt and uncle ran into when my tv-less cousin started school.

he was picked on and had a hard time making friends for a couple years because he had no point of reference to kiddie pop culture.

well, maybe that isn't the only reason. the other one is that sometimes a sister needs to get some stuff done for herself once in awhile, and needs to know her child is proverbally glued somewhere while she does it.

that said, i'm completely annoyed by children's programming. i hate it all

susan said...

We've escaped the clutches of all things Nickelodeon so far, but boy oh boy do we watch us some PBS. Kinda like giving your kid organic lard and a spoon, I suppose. But, hey, it's organic!

Christina said...

Just wait for the Dora episode where her unsupervised newborn twin siblings roll out of the front yard in their stroller (which they climbed into from their bedroom window) and go flying down the street at 50 mph. Where are we going? To catch the babies!!! Where are we going??? To catch the babies!!!!

Can't you tell my nephews LOVE Dora? And Thomas and friends, the disgruntled British trains. At least with Dora there is the language education, but with Thomas, I just don't get it. Although with Dora, the parents let their newborns roll out of the front yard. Hopefully kids don't pick up on the ridiculous of this like we do.

HeatherK said...

TV watching ebbs and flows in our house. C didn't watch any til 2.5 or so. I'm so glad they don't ask to watch dora anymore. MIL bought them a crapload of videos/dvds. You want them?? ;-) I'm amazed at how much more tv involved the average 4yo is w/ nick shows geared for older kids.

I took a cheese pic at the zoo yesterday just like your profile pic! ;-)

Stacy said...

LOL...hey its better than SpongeBob! Anya can count to ten in Spanish through no effort from me. ;)

Annoying? Yes. Educational? Kinda.

Arizaphale said...

OK I have a huge confession to make. As a single mum I allowed my kid to watch videos (not TV) of Thomas, Brum, anything Disney, Rosie and Jim (UK only I think) and Wiggles in order that I retain my sanity. These visual gorge fests often occurred on a Sunday morning after Mummy had had a big night. My two year old would remain riveted as long as picture appeared on the screen. Once I lost her in a hardware store only to find her glued to an in house video on 'how to hang a door'. She still tends to a TV (or DVD) addiction but on a positive note (or as justification...look at it as you will) she has learned a lot about language and life from the visual medium. She writes very well, has a good vocab and is incredibly emotionally literate. How much this is because of or despite her over exposure to video I do not know.
Take heart. I don't think Dora can do much harm :-)
(btw: I was always worried about the safety record on that bloody Thomas the Tank line. They were always crashing.)