Friday, October 31, 2008

I Officially, Now and Forever, Hate Baseball

Why would I decide to swear a life-long vow of hatred against "America's Favorite Pastime" you ask? 

Because my husband is going to be stuck at work until midnight. You know, just in case some dumb fucking nit-wit of a fan gets punched in the neck or lights himself on fire or something. Never mind that he's on call ALL FUCKING WEEKEND! Also disregard his son, who has been asking after daddy since he got out of bed this morning. 

Because my friend, who is supposed to come over with her little girl for Trick-or-Treating, is still down at the stadium. She probably won't get out anytime in the next decade, so I'm betting we'll be trick-or-treating alone. 

Because of this, which is far more disturbing and serious than anything that's got me pissed. 

I hope the curse returns with a vengeance. But only for baseball. The Eagles and Flyers are totally innocent in all of this. 

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Arizaphale said...

Wow. That story of Lora's was just disturbing. Crowd mentality sicks, especially when it means your husband is on call :-(

Lora said...

For some reason this post didn't get sent to my reader, but luckily I stalk you in real life anyway. Mostly because I wanted to get a good dose of the kiddos.

Thanks for the link up, it was awful and disappointing and I thought I was over it but I'm still a bit jumpy and mistrusting of the greyhair set. In time, I guess.