Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Random Things

As a two-and-a-half year old boy, Sam loves trains. We recently began letting him watch some of that horrible Thomas the Tank Engine show, maybe two or three times a week. He flipping loves it. I knew he would, which was why I withheld it for so long and limit it now. I don't want to deal with obsessions. ANYWAY, I took Sam to Lucy's swim class this morning (since he's getting his tubes tomorrow and won't be able to go to his swim class on Friday) and he met a little boy in the class named Thomas. When I said his name, Sam began freaking out, screaming and yelling 'Thomas! Thomas! Thomas!' over and over in a nice, echo-y underground aquatic cave. The old ladies in the exer-siwm class were not impressed. Sam, however, was quite impressed. I think that he was assuming that under his swim suit he had wheels or something. 

Did you ever notice, when you are at the gym, that all of the machines designed for back exercises are usually monopolized by old men? I was in the weight room for about half an hour, and all three of the back machines were occupied by male septuagenarians the entire time! I carry around twenty-six pounds of delicious baby female every day, guys! I need to strengthen my back, too!

Tomorrow after Sam's procedure (I will not call it surgery because it only takes fifteen minutes. Plus it makes me feel a little better about the whole thing.) my mom and dad are coming to town. Then on Friday afternoon my little brother Dan is flying in from Florida. We're having a mini family reunion, culminating in my brother and I attending a Who concert on Sunday night. Should be a bitching time. Plus I'm dragging his ass into the city (he doesn't care much for city life) and getting him a tattoo. I'm not forcing the ink on him, by the way. He was planning to get some anyway and I thought it would be fun to go together. Plus I got a tip from this fatgirl I know on a guy who does awesome work. I'll be sure to take pictures!

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super des said...

Are you getting a tattoo too?

Lora said...

fatgirls are the best girls!

please let us know asap how everything goes with sammy tomorrow, i'd love to be on the list for the "thumbs up" text message that goes out, please.

also, thomass the jerk engine=grr. we have almost gotten over that phase in my house. i knew it had to stop when my kid started screaming that the plane was going to crash... on a plane. and then he thought the train was going to derail... on a train.

HeatherK said...

waiting with a hungry kid was the hardest part...well that and the post-op thrashing. Bring an extra shirt for you just in case.

well, then of course he has to meet Henry! ;-) We have a cabinet full of hand-me-down thomas videos if you're ever in the neighborhood!

man, now I want a tattoo. sounds like a fun weekend!!

Arizaphale said...

Errr know they don't wash off?
And as for know in UK the guy who owns the railway is called The Fat Controller? How weird (and politically incorrect) is that?