Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Sorry for the silence. I'm still kind of getting over the whole ear tubes/family weekend extravaganza. And I had a doctor's appointment of my own today for a weird tooth tumor that I found growing in my mouth last week. Guess who gets to go to ANOTHER DOCTOR? That's right. I have an appointment with a oral and maxillofacial surgeon. That appointment is right after Lucy's fifteen month check up. Which is right after we have to go back to the ENT for Sam's two week ear tube check up. 

I'm spending so much time in the doctor's office I feel like I'm freaking pregnant.

On a more positive note, only a week until election day!

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HeatherK said...

Another day, another co-pay... Hope all turns out okay-sounds a little scary. 15 months already??

Arizaphale said...

Oh that does not sound pleasant.