Saturday, October 11, 2008


During the week, we go to the Y. 

Every. Single. Morning. I have to. It helps me maintain my sanity. And also my trim physique. 


Way back when (read: September) my kids would have me up and out of bed before 7am. While this really wasn't fun, it provided me with plenty of time to come up with nutritious, delicious breakfasts for all three of us. Because of course we can't all eat the same thing! That would be too easy!

Well, the seasons are changing and sunrise is coming later and later with each passing day. All of a sudden my babes are still snoozing when I roll over at 7:15. The next week it's 7:30. Cut to Wednesday when I rolled over at 7:40 and the whole house is still quite asleep. Never mind that we have to be in the pool at 10am sharp.

(Seriously, it takes 2 hours and 20 minutes for me to rise, shine, feed and dress my children appropriately in order to get to the Y, which is only 10 minutes away, with all of our pertinent swimming apparel, swim diapers, combination locks, shampoo and towels.)

All of this for 3o glorious minutes in the pool. For Lucy, anyhow. For Sam it's absolute torture. Never mind that he has swimming class on Fridays. Waiting 48 hours to dip in the pool? Welcome to hell, Sam style. 

Knowing that I would be under the gun that morning, I turned to the freezer. I spied a box of Trader Joe's frozen blueberry waffles. Since they are sweeter than plain waffles I was able to avoid the whole butter+syrup=sticky greasy glue concoction. Both kids loved them and I was able to munch on one while driving quite nicely. Plus, after my success with blueberry, I went and discovered that they also make a banana version. Guess who's babies love bananas? 

I love my freezer. Not only does it produce and contain the ice that cools my beverages, it now contains a lovely, speedy breakfast that all three of us can enjoy. And not feel too guilty about!


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susan said...

Waffles, yum! Methinks we have some grocery shopping to do...

Amy Jo said...

They are a godsend.