Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tapped Out

Lucy had a rough night last night. 

For the last week she has been pulling fuzzies from her blankie and eating them. Because it was knitted from acrylic yarn it seems to be, uh, passing through her system and then irritating the heck out of her skin all up in her lady area. 

Last night I switched her yarn blanket for a cotton one that doesn't have fuzzies. Guess who wasn't happy? In fact, she screamed so hard that she started sounding like she had croup. Thank god I have a doctor on hand to help diagnose these things, or else we would have ended up at the ER. As soon she calmed down she stopped coughing and her breathing was fine. 

Calming her down was the trouble.

All my poor, sweet little girl wanted was to suckle and drink some milk to soothe her angry throat, but my reserves were empty. She sucked and sucked and sucked but never swallowed. For forty minutes we sat attached, mouth to breast. I flip flopped between savoring these sure-to-be-final moments of our mother/daughter connection and lamenting her futile efforts. 

Luckily, all that suckling seemed to have some positive effect. She calmed down, and with some songs and kisses she drifted off to sleep. I checked on her three times (which I never do) and she didn't even stir. She's still sleeping now and I plan to let her go until she decides to wake. Usually I would be waking her up in order to get somewhere, but we have no where important to be this morning. 

Except snuggled up warm with my babies.

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Arizaphale said...

All praise to the earth mothers.You are awesome.