Tuesday, December 30, 2008

On Motions, and Going Through Them

Shall I bore you to death with the details of my latest episode of sleeplessness? No? How about I regale you with the tale of last night's 11:30pm puke party in Sam's room? Wait, strike that. It's basically the precursor to the insomnia story, which you already said you didn't want to hear.

Shall I tell you then of my hopes and desires to have another little chubby baby girl? You know, for my Lulu to boss around and my Sammy to protect one day? And how each month that passes makes me think that those new, sweet baby cheeks are somehow fading and slipping ever so slowly though my fingertips? No? Too depressing? Ok then, moving on.

How about a story about the half nekkid 300 pound lady at the gym? She hopped on the elliptical machine to my right and every two minutes removed an article of clothing until I was ready to bolt. Luckily she stopped at the sports bra and biker shorts. And that was just on the right side of me. On the left side was a young jock-ish type who kept touching his junk with just his index and middle finger. Over and over and over. 

Not that interesting either, right?

I'm going back to bed. Wake me up in 2009.

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susan said...

On my first read-thru, I read "jock-itch" rather than "jock-ish". Not at all what you wrote, but it might be a reasonable explanation for all the touching.

Courtney said...

hi there. looks like you are a local mom too. and I found you on philly moms blog. btw, we are having some sleepless nights too. and I only have one right now. more power to you...

Linda said...

I will be very careful what I do at the gym....i don't want to end up on this blog...hehehehehe!

Arizaphale said...

Like you I find life a tad mundane at present. Still, mundane is pretty good, just not worth writing about.
PS: I am fascinated by the US expression 'junk'. Very Freudian I think.