Sunday, December 14, 2008

Super Spectacular Christmas Mustache Contest!

So the residents at SOB's hospital decided to have a contest to see who could grow the most awesome-est mustache ever, which in and of itself is awesome. They had to shave after a rather short period of time because they were freaking out the patients, but they decided to take photos before removing their facial hair. So below are the contestants! Pick your favorite!

Contestant Number One

Contestant Number Two

Contestant Number Three

Contestant Number Four

Contestant Number Five

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Lora said...

so, i'm reading this and thinking "why the hell would the patients be freaked out?"

and then i got my answer. i can't pick. they are all equally ridiculous

dramamama said...

This is REALLY hard!!! It is a tie between 1 and 2...

Arizaphale said...

I love number two. I like that look. I mean, have you seen my husband???
In Australia, we call this charity facial hair marathon Mo-vember. It is a scary time of year.

Linda said...

This is just weird!

Mara J. said...

Give it up for contestant no. 5!