Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear January - Phbbbbbbbbt!

I went outside the other day, determined to find some small sliver of beauty in our frozen, barren January landscape. My hydrangea, once so lovely in it's powdery blue and pink, now looks like this:

Sort of pretty, but in a dried bridal bouquet kind of way. More depressing, if you ask me. Then I came upon this little fellow. Or lady? 

Amazingly, this fly was alive and would react if I got too close, but otherwise was completely still. He/she was perched on a ridge of our grill cover. 

(A grill cover that later, our cat puked on. I didn't notice the puke until the next morning, when it was frozen in place and completely un-cleanable.) 

Have I mentioned how much I just love January?

I think this guy/girl does to. Can't you just see it on his/her face?

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Linda said... everything okay? Your blogs seem a little...whats the word? Drab, these days? Maybe its the weather...cold, cold and more cold can get anyone in a rut! I do love reading

Arizaphale said...

Nice macro shots!!!!!! Don't talk to me about cat puke OR flies. We just can't seem to get enough >:-(