Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In the Bag

I am a lucky woman. I have a lovely collection of designer purses that have been purchased for me, in large part, by my mother-in-law. The remaining few have come from my husband. I've bought myself a little sack here and there, but usually I pick mine up at TJ Maxx or Ross. Except for that one time, with that awesome sale. But that was four or five years ago, and I still hear about it from time to time, so I generally let others but for me. 

Every Christmas, all of the girls in my husband's family salivate over the big Coach boxes tucked under the tree, all tied in neat trimmings. I can't think of one time that I have been disappointed with what was in my box. Here's this year's offering, which is what I'm slinging around right now: 
Pretty nice, no? I wish I could say exactly how much it cost, as per the rules below, but since it was a gift I can't be sure. I would guess somewhere between $200-$300. It has two good pockets inside and a bigger zippered compartment, which is perfect for all my junk. It's a nice robin's egg blue inside, by the way, which is nice to gaze upon on these dreary winter days. 

So here's who I'm tagging:

High Heeled Mama. An old ATL friend who was always very smartly dressed. Even when we were at stroller strides! 

The New Girl. I hope she plays along, 'cause I kind of have an internet crush on her. 

Mrs. Chicken. She lived in NY and now she interviews celebrities, so you know she's cool!

And anyone else who wants to show off what's on their shoulder! Impress me ladies!

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High Heeled Mama said...

That was fun! I posted my bag today.

Mrs. Chicken said...

will do!