Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cosmic Thing

I am not going to go on and on about how crap-tastic I feel in these early days of pregnancy. Yes, there is some puking, and yes, there is a soul crushing amount of exhaustion. Most people are aware of these things. I try and carry on as much as possible so to keep from dwelling on the whole vomitious affair. 

However, some days I feel the weight of maintaining my normal life like several tons of bricks made out of dung. Today was fixing to be one of those days. I had piles of laundry to both put away and to wash (and then put away). We had popcorn on sunday night during the superbowl and the evidence of such still litters my living room rug. The trash and recycling that didn't get taken out yesterday (which was trash and recycling day) still need to be hauled to the cans. And the piles of dishes from last night's dinner still sit, unwashed with food dried to a cement-like crust, on the kitchen counter.

After a night of piss-poor sleep, I woke at 7:12 when Sam traipsed into my room. We came downstairs where I immediately puked up a whole lot of nothing. As Sam sat watching TV, his overly full pull-up (which I had yet to change him out of) leaked all over my couch. 

An hour later, as I finally got our shit together enough to leave the house and take Sam to school, I went for my coat. We keep the kids' coats in the kitchen on low hooks for easy access, but the adult coats get hung in the closet, which is also the entry to the basement. The door latch doesn't function too well in the winter and is always popping open. Earlier when I first brought Lucy down the door was open, and I was annoyed, so I slammed it. Well, I guess I fixed whatever was making it pop open because now it won't open at all. As in, I had my foot up on the wall and was yanking with all my might and the damn thing wouldn't budge.

At first, I was pissed off. All of my coats were in there and it was cold and snowing (and cold) outside. But then I realized that if I couldn't open that door then I couldn't get at the vacuum cleaner. Or the washing machine. I had just effectively cut my list of chores in half! 

Academically, I know these things will have to be done eventually. Once SOB comes home we will figure out how to get the effing door open and I will have unfettered access to my dyson and whirlpools. 

But today? I finished my chores with as much spring in my step as I could muster and then took a nap!

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susan said...

All's well that ends with no vacuuming, I say! Worst household chore, EVER.

Arizaphale said...

You make me feel like my life is not so unusual after all. Ah, the bliss of an excuse not to do...anything really!