Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take a Walk On the Wild Side

Last weekend was lovely in Philadelphia and we worked on getting our garden plot into better shape. My poor husband, using only a shovel and a garbage can, transported at least 150 pounds of compost from behind our garage to our front yard. No small feat, I can tell you! In fact, it inspired him to actually go out and buy a wheel barrow, which would have saved him the sore back he incurred from all that lugging. 

Somewhere along the line, he discovered this little fellow (or gal) hopping in the mud.

He called us outside to take a look, and while I had planned to use some shots from our recent zoo visit for this Theme Thursday, once I saw this little toad I knew I had found my subject. Why? Well, have a look from the other side:

We had a crazy one-eyed toad jumping around in our yard! If that isn't wild, I don't know what is. There was a great deal of speculation as to how the eye went missing. Was one of our neighbors a witch, perhaps, or had our ferocious kitty cat had it for a snack? However the little amphibian lost it, he didn't seem any worse for the wear. Eventually he hopped into our bushes, never to be seen again. 

What do you have to share this Theme Thursday? 

P.S. Does anyone out there know if there is a way to enlarge your photos in a blogger post? I am already selecting the largest option on the download screen, but wouldn't mind getting them just a little bigger. Thanks! 

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Megan said...

that is one freaky toad!

here's mine: wild sideif you upload your photos from flickr, you can choose different size options. or maybe the blogger template you are using only supports the smaller size?

Killlashandra said...

Being one eyed is wild. How unusual. Although moving that much dirt without a wheel barrowis just wild by itself.

I'd say the wildest thing about this week's post is that my 3 kids managed to entertain themselves without involving each other.

carrie said...

Oh and had a good one for this week! But Thursday just snuck up on me! I'm running through and checking my fave blogs for about 10 mins...and then onto the rest of the chaos. But maybe if I can get a free moment later I'll post mine...late!

As for yours....I cannot believe you got close enough to discover only one eye! That is crazy...nice catches, though!

Arizaphale said...

As I thought I didn't get to the computer to post for 'Wild' cos I was in Sydney :-(
Love your little toad however. Nothing like a bit of wild life in the garden to spark everyone's interest.
I think your template may be the problem too. You are limited by the width of your central column to start with.