Thursday, April 16, 2009

Theme Thursday: New Beginnings

Welcome to my first Theme Thursday! I had so many ideas for this week's theme, but then life presented me with the perfect subject. Isn't that always the way?

Sam was in the yard on Monday afternoon when he found this, the season's first dandelion. He asked if he could pick it, because he's a good little boy who has been admonished more than a few times for picking flowers out of our neighbors' yards. After carrying it around for a few minutes, he suddenly stopped and ran up to me. 'Mommy,' he said, 'I want to give this to you!' It was the first time he had ever picked a flower and given it especially to me! Now begins the time wherein my lovely little boy picks me posies! And just in time for the spring.

What new beginnings do you have to share this week? 

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Arizaphale said...

Lovely first effort AJ!! Here's mine.
new beginnings

Stacy said...

Oh how sweet! LOL at him picking flowers out of the neighbors yard, though. ;) I don't think we have ever had to worry about that since no close neighbors really plant any flowers.

It was a nice night out last night so the kids and I were out in the backyard after dinner for about an hour. I took so many pictures, too. Gosh it feels good to go outside and shoot!

New Beginnings

Cara said...

I love the theme. Here is my New Beginnings.
I love the shot. When I was little I thought dandelions were daisy and would pick them for my Nana. She would put them all around her room in bud vases. It wasn't till I way much older I found out they were weeds, but I still think of my Nana when I see them.

Megan said...

it will probably be the first of many dandelions that you receive...and that shrivel up before you can blink :). lovely shot.

new beginnings

Killlashandra said...

What a sweet thought! I'm glad he asked, I've been trying to get W.W. to ask for over a year now before he picks anything off a flower stem or a tree. Sometimes it works and it sometimes it doesn't. ;)

New Beginnings

carrie said...

I totally missed this one this week! But I'll be around to play next week!

Congratulations on your new "baby" I look forward to seeing what themes you come up with.

And - gah! The first of many flowers I'm sure. But still, that first one is just too sweet, isn't it?

Golightly said...

I like the school bus in the background. I know, that's a totally random comment. Oh, well.

I didn't get my new beginning up for today anyway. I'm a loser. Or I spend too much time on Facebook! Not really, but I do love connecting with old friends.

Amy Jo said...

Actually I picked this photo over an identical one where the school bus had already driven away! I liked it better with the yellow in the background for some reason I can't quite explain. So it's not totally random!