Friday, May 22, 2009

A Conundrum

Yesterday was the detailed anatomy ultrasound for the baby. The little bugger couldn't be better!

These are the babies legs, with the ankles crossed. After being all knees-to-chin for the first part of the scan, the baby decided to stretch out, and it was just as the tech was looking at the legs, so we got to see some ridiculously adorable baby action.

Here is the obligatory cute profile view. That thing that by the mouth is the cord. It kept floating up by the face every time the tech would try for a 3D view. She finally managed to get everything in the right place after having me roll around on the table for a while!

Here, 3D baby has a hand up on top of it's head, just like he/she was waving. Hello!

Speaking of the whole he/she issue, after 21 weeks of waiting, I wasn't sure if I would be able to resist the urge to know it baby is a boy or a girl. We told the tech right away we weren't finding out. When she had to look around in that area, she gave us notice. I covered my eyes, and on the chance I would be tempted to peek I even turned my head. 

As I sat there in the dark, waiting for her to move on, I heard SOB exclaim, 'I knew it!'


Here is some more !!??!???!??!???!??!! just for emphasis.

I immediately looked at his face, trying to read into his expression, but he's too damn quick for me. So was the tech, who had already moved onto the kidneys by then. 

What it boils down to is SOB knows and I don't. He swears he won't tell me or anyone else. But I still have 130 days left in this pregnancy. That gives me a lot of time for needling, prodding, bugging, and annoying him in general. Not to mention all of the other people who are likely going to be needling, prodding, bugging, and annoying him in general. 

I'm not entirely sure he thought this out very well. 

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Heather! said...

I have no idea how you can go the other half not knowing with him knowing! This is hilarious though. I <3 u/s pics. What a sweet shot that last one is--you know he/she will totally be sleeping like that w/ arms outstretched as they get older.

susan said...

Where do we send our bets for how long he/you'll last? Personally, my bet is on you. You've got pregnancy hormones and countless days of practice negotiating with a 3 & an almost 2 year old on your side.

super des said...

Just start looking for more girl stuff. Sooner or later he's bound to crack. :)

Arizaphale said...

I always knew what I was having and I loved it. One knowing and the other not? That doesn't sound practical. :-D
From the face, I think she's a girl...does that mean he will need therapy if he turns out to be a boy???

carrie said...

killing me! i so thought you were going to tell us! i didn't want to know with my first, but hubby did and he said, "i'll just find out and not tell you...." but that was SO not going to FLY with me, so we found out with both, and i'm now glad we did. i like to be prepared.