Wednesday, May 27, 2009

If Virginia Is For Lovers, Then Why Are We Going There?

On Saturday morning we're all packing into the mini-van and heading south. SOB has been visiting the same beach community since he was a child, and now we've adopted it as our family vacation spot. It's one of the most relaxing places I've ever been. We went there for our honeymoon almost seven years ago, and have been back five additional times. 

Unfortunately, aside from that honeymoon trip, that whole 'Virginia is for Lovers' thing hasn't really applied to us. 

For starters, we always go with family. In the past SOB's sisters have joined us, and this year my parents are coming. The houses we rent are big, but not so big that you're inclined to get frisky when relatives may possibly hear you. Plus we've had a kid sleeping in our room with us at other times. As any new, sleep deprived mother will tell you, sleep wins over sex almost every day of the week. 

But this year there is a not-all-together-new-but-annoying-none-the-less issue: the burgeoning bulge in my mid-section. Despite being an educated man, and a physician to boot, he gets a little squeamish when it comes to sleeping together when I'm visibly pregnant, and I don't mean the shut-eyed and snoring kind of sleeping. 

This is all very normal, for sure. Do a google search for the topic and you'll see just how common it is for husbands to lose interest in sex while their wives are knocked up. There are lots of different reasons, and most of them just boil down to a temporary mental block. I'm not surprised, either, because we've been through this two times before. Also, I'm not worried about the future because, well, we've been through this two times before. Lucy and baby-to-be might have been a little hard to produce if things hadn't gone back to the reg in the boudoir, you know?

It is, however, a little frustrating for me. He's been on vacation for almost two weeks and I'm a big bag of hormones. I was hoping for at least a few afternoon trysts while the kids were sleeping/at school and the occasional post-hockey game celebratory roll in the hay. Instead we've been watching Rescue Me obsessively during nap time and passing out during the third periods of the hockey games. 

Luckily, he's still an affectionate guy. I get lots of hugs and kisses, and some snuggling and spooning almost every night. Those doses of physicality help to keep me from feeling totally bloated and rotten.  

And they serve as a good starting point anytime I find myself with 5-7 minutes alone.


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super des said...

I think this gives me another reason to not get pregnant. I'm sure I'll already be very emotional and sensitive (read: crazy) so if my husband doesn't want none of this, I might cry a lot.

Arizaphale said...

I have no experience in this area as I was on my own after 19 weeks into my pregnancy...although I DO remember the big bag of hormones thing. Oh YEAH.....Roll on back to normal bedroom reg.....