Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Many Splendored Thing

Last weekend we attended the wedding of my brother-in-law Phil and his lovely new bride Rachel. I knew the weekend would be full of photo opportunities, especially ones keeping in line with this week's theme of LOVE! Believe me, I wasn't disappointed! When I was looking through the photos afterwards, I was pleased and surprised with how many different types of love were captured.

First off, here is a photo of me and my true love, courtesy of my sister-in-law Tori. Any time we look reasonably presentable I always try and get someone to snap a picture of us. I love going through them and seeing how we've changed through the years. Plus it'll be fun to show the kids one day! I used to love looking at my parents' prom picture from 1978. My mom still has her dress, and she used to let me try it on. 

Next is a perfect example of sisterly love. Tori and Allison's relationship is one of the reasons I wanted to have another baby, just on the chance that Lucy could have a sister.  

Here is our lovely bride Rachel being escorted down the aisle by her father. I can't even begin to think about SOB with Lucy at her wedding without getting misty, so let's just move on, ok?

Here is the happy couple during their first dance. They danced to The Man In Me by Bob Dylan, and it was a perfect song for them. 

Finally, this was my favorite shot of the day, though. After the ceremony, as they walked out of the garden, the bride was having some trouble with her dress on some stairs. Her new husband reached out for her have her a hand. 

What lovely images do you have to share this week?

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Megan said...

what a great weekend -- and you got wonderful photos. that last one is especially moving.

here's mine:

Megan said...


Arizaphale said...

Look at you! You look gorgeous. Love the dress! Oh and the second to last and last ones are perfect for 'love'.

I had to trawl for a while to find this one.


Life in Eden said...

I love your dress too. And the hands clasped shot is great. Looks like it was a nice weekend!

Killlashandra said...

Looks like a lovely wedding and you guys had some great weather for it too it looks like.

Yeah I know what you mean about snapping pictures with the spouse, they do seem like a rare occurence.

Here's to lovely tile this week. No there's something that belongs to the eye of the beholder. ;)

super des said...

Those are beautiful. I love this post. :)