Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nesting 3.0

As with my previous two pregnancies, the nesting instinct comes and goes in spurts. I won't even bother to put laundry away for weeks on end (Seriously, you should buy stock in downy wrinkle releaser because I use it by the truckload!) and then out of the blue I get the urge to clean and totally renovate house!

Unfortunately, the renovating will have to wait because I blew most of my home improvement budget on wrinkle releaser spray.

What pittance I have left, however, has been parlayed into some simple things that have made a big difference in my perceived quality of home life. I know that makes no sense, but I'm pregnant, so roll with me. 

In my pre-pregnancy state, we bought new furniture for our bedroom last September. We had been using some nice but old-enough-to-be-outdated-but-not-yet-antique-cool furniture that had been my in-law's before they got divorced. My MIL is about to celebrate her 20th anniversary to her new hubby, that's how old it was. We sold it on craigslist and got some new stuff at Ikea because we didn't feel like spending upwards of $4000 for new furniture. It's from the Hemnes collection, and it's black-brown. A few after months that SOB came across a fabu deal on some plush towels at Restoration Hardware that he just couldn't pass up. They are a rich chocolate color that goes well with the furniture. 

The trouble was our bedding. Why? Well, it was all pastel-y and paisley and just didn't go with any of the dark, solid colors we now had throughout our bedroom and bathroom. For months I had poked and prodded SOB with the idea of changing the bedding, but he is stubborn in that arena. Prior to said paisley comforter, which we'd bought in '07, we had been using the same blue and white Ralph Lauren linens that we received as a wedding gift. In 2002. They were full of holes and worn in patches, but he loved them and couldn't bear to part ways. After we upgraded from a queen to a king sized bed, though, he had to acquiesce. 

After doing some digging through bargain bins and visiting the likes of Ross and TJ Maxx more times than I care to recount, I found some things I didn't think he would hate and began to slowly integrate them into our decor. They were in the blue family, an SOB requisite, and I was able to work the brown in with a lucky throw pillow find at the Maxx. Observe:

Just the bed

And now with 100% more towel

I know the colors aren't totally matchy-matchy, but I think that overall everything is close enough. And just for the record, I dusted the end tables and moved the following items off of them before taking these photos: phone, alarm clock, 9 hair ties, box of tissues, camel back water bottle, J&J lavender night hand cream, ear plugs, Vaseline, Kielhs lip balm #1, a white noise machine and TWO bottles of wrinkle releaser. No joking. And no, I didn't use the wrinkle releaser on my frumpy pillowcases, so don't even say anything. 

So whadda ya think internets? Aside from the rumply look to it, does my color scheme work? Should I give up this whole mother/photo/blog gig and pursue a fast paced, high paying career in the cut-throat world of interior design? 

Who am I kidding? I could never quit you!

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susan said...

Ahhhhh... looks so peaceful and serene. I love the blue and brown together. Come out and do mine next, yes?

ScrambledJill said...

I love the blue and chocolate color scheme. My husband is the same way with blue. Anytime I try to change things up I make sure it's blue. Men are weird about interior changes sometimes.

carrie said...
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carrie said...

Our bedroom is the blue/brown color scheme too! And it really does have a calming, tranquil effect! I think you'll both be happy with it!

Arizaphale said...

Crap, I am still catching up over here. Colour scheme looks very good. Himself (the colour guru) often says you don't want everything too matchy matchy...it's naff as they say in the UK. (lame? kitsch? unsophisticated? you pick a meaning) Mind you, it is a pain having a designer for a husband. My mum was in control of everything 'decorating' in her house, no such power for me there. :-) Yea, so back to the bedroom. I think the whole things works really well. The cushions are genius.