Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Today there was a small break in the weather. That is, it only looks like it's going to pour instead of actually pouring. So I took that as a sign that the garden must get planted! Here's what's been done so far:

Two weeks ago I planted 6 pea plans, 5 bean plants and about a dozen sunflower seeds. The sunflowers are just now sprouting, so hopefully in a few weeks we'll have a nice variety, as I planted seeds from a variety pack. 

Today I planted 7 tomatillio plants, 6 hot pepper plants (I can't remember if they are serrano or jalapeno) 5 roma tomato plants, 5 yellow grape tomato plants, 5 beefsteak tomato plants, 5 sweet pepper plants, 4 cucumber plants, 2 cantaloupe plants, 2 fairy tale pumpkin plants and 2 ornamental gourd plants. Oh and 1 new deep purple hydrangea. 

We already have the 7 hop plants (We had 8 but one fell victim to squirrels, which led to some squirrel population control measures. And that is a post of a much more gruesome nature.), the apple trees and a few other flowers I planted last year. In about two more weeks the corn should be ready to go into the ground. It would have been planted today as well, but when the seedlings were inside the cat decided to feast upon my corn shoots. Bastard. 

I feel like this might be a bit excessive for our little suburban yard. But you know what? I don't care because I am teh awesome.

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Lora said...

that is awesome, and i'll be buying produce from you this summer rather than the market, if all goes well!

Leslie said...

Sounds like quite a crop! Not excessive, but definitely envy-inducing!