Thursday, May 14, 2009

Theme Thursday: All Good Gifts

Mother's day was a calm, quiet affair here. Well, as quiet as it can be with two kids under 3.5. That is to say, I was out of bed by 7:15 despite SOB's best efforts to let me sleep in. No matter, as the kids were warm and cuddly as gifts were presented. Lucy offered a large, colorful collage of tissue paper and Sam had a popsicle frame with his own picture inside for mommy. And of course there was Sam's proclamation of love, which included references to video games. 

But it was SOB who really caught me by surprise with this:

Well, it had a white ribbon on it, but the kids were all over that in about 0.3 seconds. I hadn't been expecting anything, so it put a smile on my face to receive this box with my coffee. I won't kill you by forgetting to post what was inside, like I did back at my birthday. Here you go!

How sweet is that? There aren't any pictures in it yet, but I've already chosen which ones I want. I just have to figure out how to print out teeny-tiny versions of these photos. When the baby is born, I'll probably change it up once I can see straight. 

What gifts do you have to share this week?

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Heather said...

*swoon* at the sight of the little blue box! lovely!

My gifts this week are more in line with the budget of a three year old. ;-)

Megan said...

what a lovely mother's day surprise!

here's my gift:

Arizaphale said...

You are officially a spoiled mommy!!! What a lovely surprise. Mine is a bit different.

the gift

Stacy said...

What a great gift! Anything in a box like that is bound to be pretty. :)

carrie said...

EEEE!! I got a Tiffany's box too! I think that was the locket J. and the girls were looking at, but Em picked a charm with MOM on it instead.

Oh, how I love, love, love those little blue boxes. The locket is just beautiful! Now you have to decide what photos to put in it!

I didn't get a chance to photograph mine or do TT again this week. I'm really trying to catch up though! Next week.

carrie said...

nevermind...i just saw the little paragraph i had missed in my excitement to post a comment! i think those are great photos! do you use picasa? they have a way to print a contact sheet and the pics are usually small enough for lockets.