Monday, June 08, 2009

Back at Home (And This Week's Theme!)


We're back on home turf. My computer is potentially fixable, according to the Apple Genius Bar peeps. It'll take a while and cost more than what I carry in my wallet, but it should be coming back to mama good as new in a few weeks. So when you see vacation pics in two weeks, you'll know everything is back as it should be!

After two days of rain at the beach, today was a gloriously sunny surprise. We spent most of the day tending to our garden and plants. In only one week, almost everything doubled in size. And so did the weeds. After I was done pulling out what seemed like a metric ton of crab grass, I just sat my sweaty ass down on the front steps. I glanced over at my Gerber daisy and saw that it was crawling with giant ants. After I got over the creepies, I grabbed my camera.

Visit Tracy at Mother May I to see what everyone else has to share this week!


So on Saturday we were driving home and my parents stayed until yesterday and all of a sudden it's Monday and I realized I never posted this week's theme!

Week 9 Theme: Sunny

Vacation was all sunshine until the very end, it's been sunny since we've been home, and we've been delighted. So come back on Thursday and share your sunny photos!

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Megan said...

colors in this are gorgeous! this shot even makes ants look good :).

Jen said...

I should have saved my photo from today for Theme Thursday. It would have been perfect. I love the colors too and that great big ant.

Arizaphale said...

Ohhhh! Preeeeettty! I love gerberas as we call them. Lovin the new bigger format for photos.
Sunny might be hard to find around here at the moment. It's rain rain rain rain rain....