Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photo Shoot FAIL

Day two of Lucy Appreciation Week!


I have been trying desperately to get a good shot of at least me and my kids, but preferably of all four of us. About two weeks ago I enlisted the help of Allison and set up the tripod in the back yard. I was hoping to get some cute shots of the kids with my big old belly and then a nice family photo. But it was late in the day, and when dealing with the under four set, time is not on your side. The only way to get them to be still for the occasional shot was to bribe them. Allison had a pocketful of gummies, so every time they would manage to smile for a few seconds, they would immediately run back behind the camera to get their reward. Never mind the fact that they were never actually sitting with me and smiling at the same time.

Just as I had pointed the remote, Lucy decided it was gummy time, and off she went. I can't be angry, though. Look at that little face. Those pigtails, arms and legs all in motion. SOB and I spent some time alone with her last night after Sam was in bed, and we watched videos from last summer. She sat so still, snuggled between us, constantly pointing to the screen at 'baby Lucy.' SOB looked at me and said he wanted to have ten babies.

I just laughed, and I carried her snugly little body off to bed.

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girlymama said...

most of our family pictures look like that ;-) we took over 1000 pictures to get one of all three for the birth announcement.

Arizaphale said...

She is a dead set sweetheart alright!!

Megan said...

that is an adorable photo -- you may not have gotten the shot you thought you wanted, but you'll treasure this one for sure!

susan said...

Tidbits like this make ME want to have 10 babies. Okay, maybe not 10, but I sure wouldn't say "no" if Josh were to ever suggest a number 2.

Cindy said...

One can never get kids and adults in the same photo the way we like. You couldn't have gotten a better shot of her.

Heather Kennedy said...

Ahh...that is such a perfect shot. It totally captures her personality! I'm doing a quickie shoot in the city on Monday. You should drag your brood down there! ;-)

Palotti Center said...

Cute shot! Amy Jo, if you ever need assistance with a family photo, I'm happy to jump in (not into the family photo, but to help take it)! You know I have time to spare!!! :)