Friday, August 21, 2009

To Do:

Tomorrow is Lucy's birthday and her birthday party. In preparation I have to:

1. Make cupcakes and frosting
2. Make two salsas
3. Hit the grocery store for everything I forgot to buy yesterday, including the ingredients for #4.
4. Make french onion dip
5. Make pasta salad
6. Sort through a years worth of photos for the ones that really encapsulate her second year.
7. Do some sort of voodoo chant to keep the rain at bay. The bouncy house won't be much fun in a thunderstorm.
8. Find balloons and other party decorations.
9. Figure out exactly who is coming to this shindig.
10. Get clothes ready for early morning pictures with the grandparents, who are arriving this afternoon.

I'm stopping there. I also need to clean, since it seems likely we'll be spending more time inside than I though, but I like 10. It's a nice even number. I'm going to go get started on #2 right now. Perhaps, if I have a spare second here or there I'll update the list for those of you who might care.

Which would be no one, I'm assuming.

Wish me luck!

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Heather said...

So you're posting this slideshow, right?

I've never made one kind of salsa, let alone two! Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

susan said...

Oooh, voodoo chants. I totally rock at voodoo chants. Well, not really, but I get lightheaded when I blow up balloons and I wanted to find something on your list to make you wish I were there to help out as much as I wish I were there to help out. A bazillion birthday kisses to the birthday girl. And her mama. And big "squishy squeezy" hugs (Aaron's term) to her big brother and daddy.

Happy happy birthday, Lucy!!!