Thursday, October 08, 2009

On the Move

All this week, with SOB being home, we've been trying to do fun things with Sam and Lucy when we get a few minutes. It's been nice for them to get some one-and-one time with mom or dad, and it helps them burn some energy so nap time and bed time aren't as tough for us.

The other day Maggs was napping so I took Lulu to the playground before picking Sam up from school. She was so excited to have the place practically to herself.




I swear to god, this child could be a Breck girl. I love watching her hair blow in the breeze or bounce when she runs. I'm sooooooooo glad I never cut it!


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Anonymous said...

Good thing you didn't. You should never cut a princess's's totally against fairy tale rules. Hugs to you all, Amy. Look at you walkin' to the park and stuff so soon after Maggie's debut!
Aunt Nee

Megan said...

love that tunnel shot. and the "breck girl" true, but i had to laugh at that reference!

susan said...

She is such a beauty and so full of life! Can't wait to see you all!

Arizaphale said...

She is as pretty as a picture and such a little girl now. Not much baby left! So important to give her time with you alone.