Thursday, October 22, 2009

Play Time!

If you asked me what I'm thankful for, it would be Greg & Donny that my parents had me when they were very young. Why, you ask? Because since they were very young parents they are now very young grandparents. When they were here a few weeks ago a woman thought Maggie was my mother's baby. Also, because they are so young, they can do stuff like this:


And this...


And I'm thankful that my husband is such an involved father...


And that my daughter is so fearless. Here she is contemplating whether or not she should attempt the monkey bars...


Aaaaaaand SUCCESS!


If you want to play around this Theme Thursday, visit Megan at Mental Inventory!

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Megan said...

such a great series! lucy looks absolutely adorable in those shots!

Lora said...

my parents are youngish (55) and it blows my mind what they will do with him that my younger inlaws (50) can't even dream of doing.

So sad.

I hope I am playful when I'm a grandma. Not crippled up with arthritis and crying in a corner.

chaoticfamily said...

Fantastic shots. My parents are in their 60's lol - gasp. Had me older. But they still do so much with my guys. I was glad to have mine young though and hope to have grandbabies too!

Happy you had a great visit.