Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Great Room Swap of '09

Oh. My. God.

My parents are here, so we've decided to re-arrange my head house a little. Sam moved upstairs. You know, back to the room he originally started in when we moved to this house? Then we moved Lucy into Sam's old room and the baby into Lucy's room. It was already pink and the crib doesn't fit through the door, so yeah. Baby in there.

Moving the furniture was the easy part. The hard part? Moving all of the clothes and toys and associated BS that comes with kids. I still haven't moved their toys yet, and Maggie's room still has the stickies on the wall from where it said 'Lucy'. The closets are still filled with their siblings' junk, except Sam, who has a closet full of dresses from Aunt Allison. We have a shelf out in the hall blocking half of two doors and piles of summer clothes on the floor.

But? We're having a blast. The kids are in heaven, I get to shower on a regular basis, and SOB's beer is getting consumed in record quantities! Plus I got a new Cheese Head picture on our trip to the zoo this morn...

Maggs came along, too, but there were only two head holes. I don't know what I'm going to do in the future. Here's a cutie picture of her anyway, just for fun!

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Daniel said...

you posted this at 1:43 in the afternoon... just thought you should know

Arizaphale said...

Sweet Mags! Bad news about the two holed cheese. Hmm. A tricky one to solve. Take a small cutting tool next time? You definitely need a four holed cheese...or five....hmmm...tricky :-)
I love it that you sound so happy.