Monday, November 30, 2009

Maggie, Month Two

Dear Maggie -

Oh baby, what a month! We've been busy, busy, busy, and you have handled it so well. I think you must get your sweet disposition from your father, because I was more cranky that you were. You're probably so happy because you sleep so well. At night you're only getting up once or twice, and you take at least one big nap every day. You sleep anywhere and everywhere. I know this stage won't last forever, but while it does I'll relish taking pictures of you while you snooze! See?



The nice thing about you sleeping so well is that when you wake, you are WIDE awake! You smile, coo and interact with us so much more than last month, and sometimes I'll just sit and watch and listen. Which is the main reason I have barely blogged lately and that this post is a day late. The sounds you make are the most wonderful, beautiful sounds I have ever heard.


You got to meet half of your great-grandparents this month, too. Naturally, they were completely smitten with you! How could you not be? Even my grandfather, who is mostly deaf, was captivated by you and your little noises. He admitted that while he couldn't hear you, he loved watching your face as you talked.


You have gotten so big, too, this month. Your doctor's appointment is on Friday and I can't wait to get the digits. Your head control is amazing, considering we almost never do tummy time. Something about the other two kids (AKA the Rhinos, as we've been calling them) stomping around make me nervous to lay you on the floor for too long. And almost everyone that meets you can't help but comment on how long you are. I'm inclined to believe them. Nearly all of your three month clothes are pulling at the neck and the sleeves are only three-quarter lengths anymore. While you still sleep better when you're swaddled, you've gotten so long that you usually kick out of your blanket with ease.


You tolerate your father a little better this month as compared to last. For some reason, you just aren't too fond of him yet. Maybe it's the beard? But now that you can see a bit farther you'll sit with him when he watches tv.

Your eyes still haven't decided what color they're going to be, but that doesn't matter. The way they light up when you see me first thing in the morning is prettier than any color in the universe.

I love you Maggs!

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Daniel said...

I love the Picture of her and SOB. (that feels weird calling him that)Love you sister.

Arizaphale said...

Yes, that last picture is a crack up. Sounds like you guys are doing great! Gotta watch those rhinos though :-)