Friday, November 13, 2009



The older kids have been in their rooms for about an hour. Sam is asleep, but Lucy is a question mark. Her room looks like a flower and butterfly covered institution. Ever since the room swap, Lucy has decided that everything in her room that isn't nailed down needs to be in her teeny toddler bed with her. Puzzles, books, baby dolls, clothes, diapers, you name it. And then of course there is no where to sleep. So we've removed everything from her room. The books and toys went back into the baby's room where they were originally, and all that Lucy has left is her bed, her dresser and a half empty book case. The non-empty part of the bookcase contains our books, books she's never shown any interest in. But I guess since her room is completely devoid of all kid stuff, they've become more alluring. Which is why, after over an hour of "napping" I found her in her room flipping through The Canterbury Tales.

5:05 pm

Maggie has been sleeping off and on in my arms for twenty or thirty minutes. As soon as SOB got home I went upstairs to lay her down for a little nap. Or so I thought. Seven hours later she decided to wake up. Luckily she went back to sleep afterwards, for a few more hours at least. But then she went back down again! In fact, it's 7:45 now and she is still sleeping.

6:22 am

I am dead asleep. I only put Maggie back down about half an hour ago and crashed back into bed. All of a sudden I hear 'Mommy!' I open my eyes and Sam is five inches from my face, tears and snot dripping off of his chin. He frequently sneaks into our room and wakes me like this, minus the sobbing. Today, though, he had a bad dream. Through the tears, he explains that in his dream someone made him pick a new mommy, and that made him really sad. I pulled him up into bed with me and explained that I would always be his mommy, and we snuggled up tightly. For the better part of an hour he was glued to me. If I moved, he re-attached himself to my side. When I suggested that he move over a little he would protest with more tears. So I just gave in and spent some quality time snuggling.

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Arizaphale said...

Oh! Hug that boy!!! What a dance these kids lead us on...