Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Maggie, Month Three

Dearest Darling Maggs -


Three months already? This has been an action packed one, that's for sure. You are becoming quite the big baby already. Even though you still have that kind of new-ish look to your face, you've gotten quite long. People remark about your length nearly every day. I have you almost exclusively in six month clothing, which balloons about your midsection but fits perfectly top to bottom. And we've only just now stopped swaddling you. You would still like to be swaddled, but you've gotten so tall that you wiggle out of even the biggest blankets we have.


Your head and neck control has also gotten quite keen. You still mostly hate tummy time, but you've gained a new interest in the swing and bouncy seat. I think it's because you have a much better view of the room from a semi-seated position. You just look and look and look at everything. And smile. And look. And smile. It's addicting, watching you take it all in.


Even though you still have those skinny newborn arms and legs, your little face is filling out nicely.


Just look at those cheeks!

In addition, you are just now discovering the wonders of TOYS! You love to play in the gymni, and if you are in your bouncy seat and I put a toy on your chest, you crunch your entire body together in hopes of getting it into or near your mouth. If you succeed, you'll sit and gnaw happily for fifteen minutes or more.


The sounds you make continue to evolve. You have almost mastered a simple raspberry, and if I make one for you you'll lay there and stare so intently at me, almost as if you were trying to bend your little mind around the technique. It's hilarious. You coo and squeal and say 'glah' all the time. You love when I imitate you, and if someone happened upon us in the afternoons they might think I've gone a little loony with all of the gibberish I speak to you. I can't help it. Making you smile as many time as possible is my #1 goal for each and every day.


One thing that I've come to discover, because of you Maggie, is that I am truly a baby person. I love babies. Toddlers and pre-schoolers are ok, but babies are where it's at. Especially you. I love you so much that I can hardly bear to be away from you. I love the look on your face when you wake up and see me coming for you. I love the smell of your head. I love to hold you against my body and just breathe.

I just love you.


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puna said...

Adorable photos!

Megan said...

love that mirror shot!

Crystal Escobar said...

Ahh, she's adorable. What great pictures :) I came across your blog somehow :) and I love it. I'll be sure to follow future posts.