Thursday, January 07, 2010

Shreddin' Like a Felon

So I haven't blogged much this week. Why, you ask? Because every muscle in my body, including the ones in my fingers, are searing. I decided to embark upon the 30 Day Shred thing by Jillian Michaels.

Yes, I've become a Shred Head.

I started eight days ago, and it's been going well. I've been working out almost daily since Maggs turned two months old, but haven't been seeing any changes on the scale. So I've been trying to keep with my regular workouts at the Y, and then I add in the shred either right when we get home or once the kids are "napping" in the afternoon. It's a bit intense some days, but it seems to be getting the job done. I'm just worried about traumatizing my neighbors as I do jumping jacks in my dining room.

Plus I've been trying to really, actually watch what I eat. You know, instead of simply staring at the pizza I'm about to devour and calling it 'watching what I'm eating.' I bought some Quaker weight control instant oatmeal and I have to give it two enthusiastic thumbs up. I make it for breakfast around 8am and don't get hungry again until almost 2pm. And it tastes pretty good as well. I've also started cutting out all booze Sunday through Thursday. I don't need the extra calories in a glass of wine (or three) on the daily. So far, so good.

So I hope you'll forgive the silence. I need to get to a point where my Wii Fit balance board doesn't groan when I step onto it. And when Sam doesn't ask if the baby in my belly is a boy. And when at least half of the clothes in my wardrobe fit again.

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LBR said...

You are excused for now...but, I cannot continue to eat ALL of the cupcakes!!! :-)

Arizaphale said...

I too have been absent from the blogosphere. I wish I could report that I had been shredding something other than cheese for toasted sandwiches :-(
I have only one pair of trousers that fit me at present and I wish I could get motivated to do something about it. I blame the menopause. I t can't possibly be MY fault after all.
Keep up the good work girlie. And show us before and after pix!!!

Chrissie said...

Definitely getting my arse kicked by Jillian as well! Although, there is no way I could handle it every day. Go Amy!!!!

super des said...

It always gets me when y WiiFit board goes "oh!" when I step on it.

ALso: I was just watching an episode of Good Eats, and the list of "once a week eats" included alcohol, pasta, dessert, red meat, and sme ther things. The whole list (except the eat) was all my favorite things. :(