Thursday, February 04, 2010

Maggie Eats

A few weeks ago Maggie went from waking once a night to waking two, three, four times a night. Mama was not happy, to say the least. Around the same time, she started shoving everything in sight into her mouth. If I'd hold her on my lap while I was eating or drinking, she'd reach and grasp for whatever I was consuming.

Even though I waited a little longer with Sam and Lulu, I could kind of tell she might be ready for some solids. I bought some rice cereal and prepared to be shut down by the babe. With my elder children, the cereal was summarily rejected for days on end. After her first bite, I thought I was going to get the same treatment from Maggs...


But after a second or two, well, she decided that rice cereal was AMAZING. She pounded her first bowl.


That was Monday. Tonight when I fed her the now nightly bowl of cereal, she was grabbing at the spoon and pulling it to her mouth. She cannot get it in her toothless maw fast enough. She gobbles every bite I offer. And guess what? She isn't getting up as much at night anymore. Since Monday she's been getting up only once at night. I'm hoping that within a few more days, she'll be sleeping through the night (or at least getting close) again.

Wish us luck!

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1 comment:

Cara said...

My youngest was the same way. I had to start feeding him at 3 months because he was going through 8 oz bottles like a champ. He love the cereal and gobbled right up.

I love the second picture where you can tell she is full and happy!