Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Maggie, Month Six

Dear Maggie MaGoo -


What a fun month six has been. There hasn't been too many major physical developments from month five, but your personality is definitely growing by leaps and bounds. You have funny moods, crabby moods, and peaceful moods. But mostly, you're just plain happy.


You got to spend some more time in the great out doors this month, and you enjoyed it immensely. Rolling around in the backyard, hanging out in the garage with your daddy (don't ask), riding in the stroller. The sky captivates you, and your crazy hazel grey-green-blue eyes take on the most amazing cobalt hue when you gaze upward.


The eating trend continues. I've tried to offer you some puffs or cheerios, but you recoil. But shove some pureed peas at you and you're all nom nom nom! You've had your first taste of yogurt, and you liked it ok. Mixed with some blueberries, though, again with the noms. It shows on the scale, too. At your six month check up, you weighed 15 pounds 4 ounces, and you were 26 1/2 inches long!


We spent time with your Grandma B. and Poppy B. and aunt Tori recently, and you were a doll baby. Grandma B. always brings you such pretty dresses, I almost feel like you are a doll!


Oh Maggs...


I love you so damned much.


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Daniel said...

The end of that was Perfect.

Arizaphale said...

That photo with daddy is a killer!!!! She is such a sweetheatr. You can just see what a happy little soul she is...

Megan said...

can't believe she's six months already! time flies in the blogsphere ;).

Chrissie said...

Yay Maggie! We love you! :)