Friday, March 05, 2010

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease, Literally

My middle child Lucy has been quite a handful lately. I've been trying to spend some extra, quality time with her doing big girl things, but she's still been acting out more than I'd like.

For example, Wednesday morning she got up very early, while I was in nursing Maggie. She went into our room, because she likes to try and get into our bed, but she isn't quite tall enough yet. A few minutes later she came back into Maggie's room, but the smell got there before her. It was a fruity, perfume-ish smell. She turned the corner into the darkened room and loudly announced, 'Mom! I got some soaps!' Turns out, she had been in our shower dispensing shampoo and conditioner onto her pajamas from every bottle within her reach.

Then yesterday afternoon, when I was totally convinced she was sleeping, she found a huge tub of vaseline. I came into her room intending to wake her up from her nap, and there she was on the floor, daintily rubbing gobs of grease onto her face.

'Look Mom! I got these lotions!'

I wanted to be angry, I really did. But instead I just started laughing my damn head off and whipped out my camera.



Cleaning it up wasn't fun, and her hair still kind of stays where ever you put it, but at least it made me smile. I needed some cheering up after this week!

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carrie said...

LUCE!!!!! oh how i love her....

Megan said...

and just think, she'll have incredibly moisturized, soft skin for weeks to come ;).

Cara said...

Oh my Amy Jo, I love that you took pictures, I would have too. My second is just like that, except the last time he was quiet we found him driving his cars around in the cat box.

Arizaphale said...

At least it wasn't something you had to cut out of her least she hadn't found the scissors! That will be next you know!! ;-)