Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Exodus, The Big Kids and Other Things

This post is going to be a scattered mess, so inspired by Miss Zoot, I'm going to use bullet points!

*This morning Sam came downstairs fully dressed, all on his own accord. His clothes were seasonally appropriate, they matched and he had put his jammies away. I was so surprised when he came into to wake me at 7am pretty much ready to go. He couldn't wait to get to school to tell his teacher all about it. He is getting so big and responsible. Thank god he still wants me to get into bed with him to cuddle occasionally, though. Love that boy.

*Speaking of getting big, Lucy has been wearing underpants for over a week now. I haven't posted anything yet because she had been having lots of accidents, but yesterday and today have been better. For the few weeks leading up to last, she was taking off her diapers and being, in general, a pain in the ass when it came to any bodily function. After visiting with my parents, I simply told her we weren't doing diapers any more. She's very happy about the development, but still doesn't have full awareness of when she has to go, so it's been one step forward, two steps back. Wish us luck!

*Even though our house is under contract, we still have to keep scheduling showings. HATE.

*My baby is cute, but you knew that already, didn't you?


*In the past week, two of our neighbors have put their houses up for sale by owner. Let me just say, they are fucking lucky that we already had an offer in our our house, or I might have had to go on a midnight sign stealing expedition. I guess since the coolest people on the street are leaving (well, maybe the second coolest after these guys) they figured there was no reason to stick around!

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