Thursday, April 15, 2010

No I

So I totally did not hold up my end of the deal for this week's Team Up Thursday, so to those of you here looking for our next alphabet diptych - SORRY! I may pull an eleventh hour posting, but don't hold your breath.

The reason for my delinquency? We bought a house. And are in the midst of negotiations to sell our house. It's been a busy week.

Back in January when SOB was interviewing in West Virginia we did a very small amount of house hunting. Basically, we were just looking around to see what the market there was like. However, I fell in love with the very first house I saw. My text message to SOB said "Sign the contract. I found our dream house." And he was only an hour into his interview.

The house wasn't on the market at the time, but was going to be listed in the spring. On Easter Saturday we got a call from our agent out there that if we didn't make them an offer now that it was going on the market ASAP. After a few days of soul searching and number crunching, we decided to make an offer, and they accepted it! Last weekend we went out for the home inspection and things went well. We did a little more negotiating earlier this week for some repairs, but everything is on track and we should be moving in at the end of June!

Then yesterday we had a showing here that lasted for two hours! The interested party was back for a fourth time, and they brought an architect with them. It was crazy. We got an offer this morning and are doing the back-and-forth thing with them, so today has been nuts as well. We have a date night scheduled for Saturday, and I sure hope we'll be celebrating!

Or maybe I'll take the kids out for ice cream this afternoon and kill two birds with one stone!

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Arizaphale said...

Well, it ALL happened didn't it? I guess the Universe is working with you at the moment :-D. I can't believe you saw the house and it wasn't available and now it is and and and.....fate!
Hope you enjoyed the icecream.