Tuesday, April 06, 2010


We totally bought a house.

Oh, and we never actually, um, sold the house we're currently living in.



Also, Lucy wore underpants today! Which is a good thing. However, the impetus for said underpants was a situation which involved my daughter rubbing her own feces all over herself and her bed. Seriously. I took pictures. Email me if you want to see them. I figure that every single time she gives me shit (pun intended) as a teenager, I'll whip them out. I doubt any boy (or girl) will want to kiss her after seeing a photo of her with poop on her lips. Maybe I'll even print out some wallets and distribute them to potential prom dates. Because I'm evil like that.


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md said...

Congrats, Amy!

Arizaphale said...

Ohhhhhhhh! Scary shit!!!!! My ma and pa are kind of in the opposite boat at the moment. They've sold their place to someone who hasn't sold his! It will all work out though! As for Poopy Lucy....OMG!!! Why, why, why do they DO that????? The BA never did but one of her friends made a HABIT of it!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeew. Now, do I want to see those photos or don't I? To email or not to email......:-D

hipMomma said...

Congrats and ew. They make us so proud, don't they?