Friday, May 07, 2010

Catholicism + Biology = OMFG!

A few weeks ago, when we bought our house in West Virginia before we had sold our house here in PA, I posted some throw away statement about 'life getting 100% more insane' on facebook. Almost every single commenter assumed that the reason for the new found insanity was that I was pregnant.

HA! Silly fools! You must be kidding! My baby is only six months old and I'm still nursing her. Me, pregnant? Bah.

Just after that I got my period for the first time since Maggs was born, and was honestly glad. Now I wouldn't have to throw away money every two weeks peeing on a stick. I've always had a pretty regular 35 day cycle, so as long as I kept my eye on the calendar there would be no surprises.

Damn my catholic upbringing.

And while we're at it, damn my ovaries for being all, 'Oh hey! Did we forget to ovulate? Oh well, let's just do it now, even though she thinks we did last week.'

Cut to Monday morning when I peed on a stick. And it was justbarely positive. And then to Tuesday morning, when I peed on a stick and it was justalittlemore positive than Monday's test. Then to Tuesday afternoon when I peed on a stick of a different brand, and it was definitely positive. But just to be sure I peed on another stick on Wednesday morning, and lo, it was positive.

So yeah, life is about to get 100% more insane.

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Lora said...

dude, remember when I said that we should get together?

we still should but I'm wearing a condom. Just in case another egg has wormed it's way down and we stand too close. Because even though I don't have the right parts? I think I might be able to get you pregnant.

Love to you and all your babies big and tiny!!

Heather @36 balloons said...

sqeeeee! and I never squeee!!!! but this totally rates. awesome news!

super des said...

oh. my. god.

Congrats, momma!

Adoralice said...

That is so awesome, great, exciting and HOLY MOLY!!!!

Chrissie said...

Isn't life already 100% more insane???? Congrats to you and the entire Bader brood. I see a TLC show in your future!!!! :)

Cara said...

OMG! Awesome news! All I can say is you will have more beautiful subjects to photograph! 4 is a wonderfully even number. Hope you are feeling well!

susan said...

OMFG, indeed!!! So happy for you guys... I hear insanity is the new pink this year :)