Friday, July 02, 2010

Adventures In...

I had intended to write entire posts of each of these topics, but time is short these days, so here is a summary of each post, as they had been written in my head.

1. Dieting

So I'm back at the ole' WW. Today was my second weigh-in and I lost 2.5 pounds! I was, to be honest, a little surprised. I was kind of half-assed with the whole points thing at first, and I ate a lot last night. But maybe because I'm back at the gym (finally!) and doing some different things I got lucky. We'll see how next week goes.

2. Bees

So Lucy got stung on her big toe by a wasp or something that can sting multiple times on Wednesday, and Sam got stung on the finger yesterday. My kids' digits must be covered in nectar. Or maple syrup. They do eat a lot of waffles.

3. Gardening

So I left my peas back in Philly, along with some volunteer tomatillios, and this was very sad for me. I knew that, despite the later growing season here, a true garden was out of the question. We'll have to construct a big fence to keep the deer and other wildlife away, and that isn't on the agenda for quite some time. So to appease my lust for fresh produce, I hauled some seriously heavy bags of dirt and large planters the previous owners left to our back deck and installed a container garden. I'll let you know how it turns out!

4. Kids

My kids are trying to kill me via their quest to kill each other. The main trouble is that we haven't met any new kids yet, and they are totally sick of one another. Then they want to play with me, but they fight over who gets to have me/pick the game. I try and play fair and choose activities we can all do (I even brought out the beloved/dreaded fingerpaint (HA! I just ran spell checker and I accidentally typed 'fingerpain'. So true. So, so true.)), but between getting a new house in order and taking care of the babe, my time is often limited. What to do, other than switch on the TV?

5. Grocery Stores

I'm starting to believe that the quality of life hinges entirely on one's access to good grocery stores. And all I can say is hallelujah for the new Kroger here in Mo-Town, otherwise I'd be a pretty miserable girl right about now.

Happy 4th! Have fun blowing things up in honor of our country!

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joven said...
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joven said...
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joven said...
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Arizaphale said...

I know what you mean about writing posts in your head! The same goes for wondering what your blog friends are up to. Sounds like you've been busy. I hate that first few months in a new place, establishing routines, meeting the neighbours, finding where the guilty pleasures in life lurk :-D. I remember the first few weeks here in Aus when the BA was only 7. She nearly drove me mad wanting to 'play' so I bought her a cat.