Monday, July 19, 2010

Gems of West Virginia

Wild Berries

It's wild berry season here, and you can't really mind that, can you? I wish I could say I picked these glistening treats myself, but being a new resident I don't really know all of the good berry picking spots yet. Maybe next year, but until then I'll happily pay for these beauties at the farmers' market!


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Chrissie said...


Cara said...

Yum! What are you going to make with them?

Kelly Warren said...

and yum yet again. i could just reach in and grab one.

Lis said...

Quadruple yum! I cannot get enough (eating and photographing) the beautiful berries of the summer! Funny, I had a close up of wild raspberries we picked for an entry into a diptych project I am in:

between the two of us, we should have enough to make a pie!

xo Lis

Carry said...

The pictures are looking so delicious. I really like Virginia. Yummy!