Tuesday, August 17, 2010


One of the best things about our old neighborhood was the people in it. We had some of the coolest, nicest neighbors in the world. Through the miracle of modern technology (aka Facebook) I am able to keep in touch with some of them. This was how I found out about The Night Kitchen Bakery appearing on TLC's Amazing Cakes.

This is also how I've found out about what is going on back at the old house. Our old next door neighbors have been keeping us abreast of the progress going on over there. In one way, it's totally cool to know about they're doing, but occasionally it really depresses me. For example, they're closing in the front of the house, which was something we always wanted to do but couldn't really afford. It's going to make the house so much more livable. However, since they haven't moved in yet they've let the backyard turn into a jungle. The grass, which we nurtured and loved, has totally died out and the mulched areas are overrun with weeds.

But the thing that really killed me? They cut down the apple trees. Both of them. Even though the apples were on the cusp of being ready to pick. The apple trees that I loved and protected. The subject of countless photographs. They had been in the neighborhood for generations, there were only a handful left, and without a thought they just chopped them down. I can almost understand why they cut down the one in the front yard, since they were totally changing the front of the house. The one in the back yard was younger, healthier, and totally unobtrusive, though, and I can't wrap my mind around why they destroyed it.

I know I'm hormonal. I know it's not my house anymore. I just can't keep myself from dwelling.

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Arizaphale said...

I fully understand. I nurtured the little square of garden out the front of my house in the UK. There was a cherry tree which blossomed beautifully in spring and in the winter I put glass jars, with little tea lights in them, in between the bushes to make sparkly lights. The new owners ripped up the whole lot and paved it for a car park. We have to just let it go.......