Thursday, September 09, 2010

Big Brother

Last weekend Sam overheard me about an ultrasound I was having that coming week. I must have said something about 'seeing the baby' that caught his attention, because all of a sudden he was insisting on joining me at my 7:30am appointment. Since SOB was going to be home that day I figured what the heck? The boy could come along. He's usually pretty chill early in the day anyway, so I figured he wouldn't be much trouble. I got out some of my ultrasound pics from him and his sisters so he knew what to expect, and we planned for our morning out together.

As soon as we got into the exam room, he saw the TV and asked the ultrasound tech to put on a kids' show. At that point, I wasn't too optimistic about his enthusiasm. However, once the image of the tiny baby came up on the screen, he was riveted.

Baby #4

The tech was awesome. She focused right in on the baby's head and pointed out the face, hands and legs to Sammy. After a few minutes of pleasantries, though, she had to get down to business. Once she started in on non-identifiable (to a 4 year old) stuff, Sam got a little testy. He kept insisting that she go back to the baby's face. Finally, after much explaining, he seemed to understand that she needed to check things other than the face. He was somewhat intrigued by the heart, but asked if he could play his leapster when she was measuring my ovaries.

Afterwards, he told everyone how he got to see his new baby brother (no official word, just Sam's steadfast opinion) and how awesome it was. And it totally melted my heart.

By the way, he also got to see me get my blood drawn and give a urine sample, but luckily he didn't mention those parts to his teacher or friends or our babysitter.

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Lora said...

NewBaby looks like Lucy!

Chrissie said...

Cute! When I scrolled over the photo and it said "baby #4" I remembered you will have 4 babies. And then my head exploded.

Arizaphale said...

"but luckily he didn't mention those parts to his teacher or friends or our babysitter. "