Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Feast or Famine

Occasionally, maybe because I am pregnant, or maybe because I have three kids to keep track of, or maybe because we live in West Virginia, or maybe just because I'm getting too damn old, I forget if we have enough of something at home. This is how we end up with two gallons of orange juice, or three boxes of cheerios, or four jars of peanut butter. We always end up going through whatever I've bought in excess, but it makes me wonder what exactly is going on inside of my head.

Recently I noticed we were in need of toilet paper. We were planning a trip to Sam's Club that weekend, so I made sure we stocked up.

Later that week I had to go to Target. Because we had left the giant package of toilet paper in the garage, I kind of forgot we bought it. When I saw that if you bought two packages you got a $5 gift card, I threw two huge packages under my cart.

I had to return something to Target later that same week, and somehow my brain short circuited and forgot that I had already purchased two packages a few days prior. Those sales really suck me in.

So when SOB finally got around to unpacking all of the packages, I shouldn't have been surprised when he called me to the closet, and said to bring my camera. And I didn't even take any photographs in the upstairs bathroom.

Simply put, I don't think we'll be needing any toilet paper any time soon. Unless the kids discover the joys of tp-ing a little earlier than expected!

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Anonymous said...

could you send some of those to me?? I have everything under the sun in bulk but not one roll of toilet paper in this whole darn house!!! I always forget the TP! Consider yourself very fortunate. :-)

Lora said...

I used to have this mental condition that required me to have no fewer than 40 rolls of toilet paper in the house. That's one bulk case and four spares, if you needed to know the math.

So that?

Looks normal to me.

Normal in the sense that you may or may not have acquired a mental condition.

super des said...

ha ha!
I did that back in Michigan. I needed olive oil (I thought) so I bought a good size bottle. Then later I forgot I had a bottle at home that I hadn't used yet, and they were on sale buy one get one free. So I got more.
That was probably 2 years ago and I still have olive oil from Meijers in Michigan. Good thing it doesn't expire!